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We PDH FOREX SOLUTIONS PVT LTD. ARE FULL FLEDGE MONEY CHANGER LICENSE IN INDIA (FFMC)​ SINCE 2013. Entities which are authorised by Reserve Bank of India to do money changing business as per section 10 of Foreign Exchange Management Act , 1999. There is no trade that can take place without the presence of forex, the conversion of one country's currency into another. Whether it is for import and export, travel, or purely for trading, foreign exchange is a necessity. In today's world, people frequent foreign countries either for work purpose or leisure. Availing foreign exchange abroad may not be an easy task. Searching for the right place to get a currency exchange can be a hurdle. and exactly know what is customer's requirement and hereby offering to our customers a full suite of forex products . We strive to become better with each passing day and in that quest, we keep adding new service providers that not only offer us better reach but also more competitive pricing.